Immigration Law

Lawyer Daniela Forti provides assistance and advice on immigration in favour of EU and non-EU foreigners, handling the following legal and administrative procedures:

  • Postal kit compilation;
  • Entry visas for Italy;
  • Issuance and renewal of temporary residency permits (“Permesso di Soggiorno”);
  • Issuance and renewal of permanent residence permit (previously known as the “Carta di Soggiorno”);
  • Italian language test applications;
  • Family reunion applications;
  • Family reunion and family cohesion procedures;
  • Citizenship applications for marriage and residence;
  • Citizenship applications by descent (“Jus Sanguinis”);
  • Advice and assistance to asylum seekers at police stations;
  • Access to “Questura”/Prefecture documentation;
  • Solicitation of “Questura”/Prefecture procedures;
  • Consultancy for conversion of residence permit from study to work;
  • Consultation on converting employment residence permits to freelance worker permits;
  • Consultancy regarding conversion residence permits issued for family reasons to work permits;
  • Advice on obtaining a study visa/residence permit;
  • Advice for obtaining authorisation, a visa or residence permit as a freelance worker;
  • Guidance on obtaining a residence permit for pending employment;
  • Consultation and assistance for obtaining suitability of accommodation certificates;
  • Consultation and assistance on residence permits for international de facto couples, where one party is not Italian and even whereby in the country without proper documentation.


In addition, we handle the following activities:

  • Appeals against expulsion orders, deportation orders and rejections;
  • Appeals against refusals, revocations, rejection of residence permit renewal applications;
  • Presentation/preparation of defence briefs, clarifications, documentation additions against the initiation of administrative procedures aimed at the cancellation, denial or rejection of regular residence permits and long-term residence permits;
  • Appeals for obtaining residence permits for family members of a foreign minor pursuant to Article 31 of Legislative Decree no. 286/98;
  • Appeals against revocation of residence permits on family grounds;
  • Appeals for residence permits on humanitarian grounds;
  • Appeals against refusal/denial of authorisation/visa for family reunification;
  • Appeals against refusal/denial of citizenship for marriage and for residence;
  • Appeals against refusal to grant residency;
  • Appeals against the official registry office regarding cancellation from official registers;
  • Letters of warning against the Public Administration;
  • Appeals against the refusal/denial of political asylum.

For information and legal protection in matters of immigration law, contact Lawyer Daniela Forti