Civil Liability and Compensation

Tutela Legale a Pietrasanta risarcimento danni

The Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti has worked for years in the field of civil liability and compensation. Thanks to the expertise we have gained in the field of insurance, accidents, civil responsibility and professional liability, our law firm in Pietrasanta will assist you with: 

  • Legal Assistance in insurance contract disputes;
  • Legal Assistance in roadway, civil and work accidents, with particular emphasis on issues related to fatal events, ultramaximal damages, complex claims, fraud to insurance companies;
  • Legal Assistance in compensation for damages to the individual, with regard to both the micro and macro injuries, damage reflected on relatives, consequences to assets, the loss of opportunity;
  • Legal Assistance in the various cases of professional liability, especially for doctors, hospitals, notaries, lawyers, company administrators and construction professionals (surveyors, engineers and architects).

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