Privacy and Consulting

Consulenza Legale Privacy a Pietrasanta

The Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti in Pietrasanta offers advice for processing personal data in the public and private sectors, particularly in relation to compliance with the new European Regulation GDPR 679/2016.

Main privacy consultancy activities:

  • advice for the proper processing of personal data and control, editing and supplementation of documents relating to privacy in the various sectors of the information company;
  • resolution of legal issues related to the processing of personal data, preparation of policies under Art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 for customers, suppliers, employees, websites, etc.;
  • assistance in appointing internal and external privacy managers (outsourcing), assistance in preparing privacy for the organisational structure and the appointments to assign to employees and collaborators; 
  • drafting, reviewing and updating safety manuals and operating procedures regarding privacy;
  • assistance in preparing the Company’s Internal Regulations for Managers and Officers on personal data processing policies in the company;
  • assistance in solving privacy problems in health policy, banking and insurance;
  • assistance in fulfilling legal obligations in accordance with the provision dated 27 November 2008 concerning "System Administrators";
  • advice on regulatory compliance concerning privacy for web marketing activities, Proximity Marketing and online Ommunication;
  • advice on privacy regulatory compliance for video surveillance systems (general provision of the Privacy Authority dated 8 April 2010) within Public Administrations and businesses;
  • consulting on privacy matters in employment relationships and outside control (Internet browsing and email) of the employee;
  • advice on regulatory compliance concerning privacy for implementing the minimum suitable security measures, as well as the necessary measures taken by the Privacy Authority in the various provisions of a general nature;
  • analysis of the official web site of public and private entities for regulatory compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Code;
  • internal audits for evaluating the requirements relating to standards of privacy and personal data;
  • mentoring and on-site presence for investigations and inspections by the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data.