Family Law

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Family law is the branch of civil law dealing with family relationships and all the problems related thereto, starting with personal and property relations between spouses, and including cases of separation and divorce, not to mention the protection of minors, the safeguarding of whom is the basis of action of the Law Firm of Daniela Forti in Versilia in Pietrasanta in the province of Lucca.

In fact, often children end up being the main victims, despite being innocent, in the dispute between the parents at the end of a marriage. For this reason, the Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti in Versilia follows with extreme precision and care the procedures for parental custody. Crucial for the Law Firm of Atty. Daniela Forti, located at Via Aurelia 23 in Pietrasanta, is respect for the relational and emotional rights of children and adolescents.

The Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti, thanks to the professionalism and experience gained over the course of many years of working in the capital of the Versilia area, can provide clients with legal support in managing the gamut of all the aspects in issues related to the family, and to ensure qualified legal advice in all areas of family law. The Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti in Pietrasanta, easily accessible from all over the city and the province of Lucca, especially provides Legal assistance in and out of court in matters of family law, with specific attention to the main marriage issues such as separation, divorce, determination of alimonies and protection of children, in order to promptly and cost-effectively resolve the main economic, legal and practical problems arising from the end of a marriage, such as:

  • Determination of maintenance for the spouse
  • Determination of maintenance for the children
  • The agreements relating to child custody
  • The assignment of the dwelling formerly the marital home
  • The identification of movable and immovable property under common or separate ownership
  • Any revision of the conditions of separation and divorce
  • Inheritance of assets

Consulting for the legal protection of minors, separations and divorce, inheritance and family assets, assignment of children, the marital home, maintenance assignments for children and spouse.

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