Debt Collection

Studio Legale Recupero Crediti Pietrasanta

The Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti offers assistance and advice for an objective and balanced assessment and management of debt collection, of any nature and title, both in and out of court.

For collecting debts, your company can rely on the Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti in Pietrasanta, which is capable of providing proper assistance for the speedy recovery of the sums, resorting, if necessary, to the protection of the judicial authority.

Each debt will be carefully evaluated in order to choose which action is the most appropriate and effective for obtaining the payment for goods or recovery for services provided. The Law Firm of Daniela Forti has extensive experience in all issues related to debt collection, both in and out of court.

With the experience we have accrued in this particular field, the Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti is able to offer its customers prior analysis and objective assessment of the possibility of debt collection to determine the most appropriate actions for achieving the objective, also considering the needs expressed by the Client. The Law Firm of Attorney Daniela Forti before acting, evaluates the specific possibility for recovery, accessing databases and public registers (Chamber of Commerce and Real Estate Registers, Land Registry, Pra) and making use of the responsible agencies to avoid taking fruitless enforcement action and involving a needless waste of money for the Client.

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